Friday, February 3, 2012

Alternative Six Nations Live Rugby Commentary

Welcome to the home of quality rugby commentary and opinion. Are you bored of stale, ignorant, emotionless commentators and pundits? Use our simple checklist to find out if our alternative rugby commentary could help you:
  • Fed up of the overt sexual tension between Jiffy and Guscott?
  • Do you dream of the day Eddie Butler punches out Brian Moore?
  • When you see Keith Wood do you wish he was Dara O'Briain? Does Andy Nicol's voice cause you to want to self-harm?
  • Are you sick of hearing people say things like "you can't miss tackles", "depends which French team turns up" and "2003 World Cup Winners"?
  • Does Lawrence Dallaglio's resemblance to Kreacher from Harry Potter unnerve and unsettle you?
  • Do you want to stream live commentary to your computer or Internet-enabled phone when you're on the move or in work with no TV access?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, or you're just looking for something that's more entertaining than the duff BBC commentary, then John, Steve and Ted are here to save the day! Instead of pressing the red button to switch to another brand of banality, why not hit mute and stream our alternative Six Nations live rugby commentary instead? Our enthusiam for the game, combined with our dry wit and huge intellect, means we provide the best rugby commentary in the world, or your money back!
WARNING: Our rugby commentary is not suitable for children, people of a sensitive nature or animals with a family history of heart problems.
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